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Lee Myles Roslyn Air Conditioning and Coolant System Repairs and Services

A/C and Coolant Services | Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions - Roslyn

Here at Lee Myles AutoCare and Transmission in Roslyn, NY, we are your air conditioning and cooling system repair and service experts! When it comes to your car’s cooling system and your air conditioning needs, come by and see us!

Your vehicle's cooling system plays an extremely important role in the performance of your vehicle. If the coolant system is not serviced regularly, your vehicle's engine could potentially become extremely hot, overheated and even begin to melt! Servicing your vehicle's coolant system prevents engine damage and keeps your car running smoothly without overheating. 

Antifreeze and Coolant

  • Antifreeze, contrary to its name, does more than just keep things from freezing! It doesn't just have anti-freeze properties, but also has anti-boil and anti-corrosive properties. It flows through your radiator and engine to make sure everything is working at the right temperature. 
  • Antifreeze will eventually break down. Here at Lee Myles Roslyn, we recommend changing your antifreeze every two years or 24,000 miles. This is often called a flush and fill, and will ensure that your engine is in good shape and is being kept at the correct temperature. 

Cooling Fan

  • A cooling fan is what circulates air through your vehicle's radiator to ensure the release of engine heat into the outside air. In the instance that the cooling fan malfunctions, it is very likely that your engine may overhear.
  • Lee Myles Roslyn would be happy to inspect your cooling fan and repair or replace a damaged fan.

Pressure Cap

  • A pressure cap is sometimes, but not always, called the radiator cap. It may be on the radiator, or on the coolant reservoir, which varies with vehicle make and model. 
  • A pressure cap should be inspected at least once a year. It’s important that your Lee Myles Roslyn technician does the inspection, because a pressure cap that is removed while the engine is still hot could result in severe burns from the spray of boiling coolant. Let us do the dirty work for you!


  • Lee Myles Roslyn will inspect your thermostat during inspection of your cooling system to be sure that everything is being regulated properly. The thermostat is a valve that regulates the flow of coolant based on coolant temperature. A poorly performing thermostat can result in overheating, engine knocking, poor fuel economy and many more potential issues. 


Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Lee Myles Roslyn is also a heating and air conditioning expert shop! We can service your car’s entire HVAC system. Everything from a flushing and fill of the systems refrigerant, to checking hoses and maintaining the heating core. During the hotter months of the year, it is important to have your vehicle's air conditioning working properly in order to ensure that your rides are comfortable!


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